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Not trying to change the direction of this Thread ...BUT

I've found it interesting to read post after post, on this and other boards, where the fishing (#'s of the buggers) is going to hell in a hand basket in Washington, and even northern Oregon rivers.

Moved to Southern Oregon in the mid 90's so Joan and I could build our (then) new vineyards. (Don't own them now but drive by fairly often and just sigh ,..... Plants, all 15-20,000 of them look very good!! Interesting to plant a 'vine' that, "trunk wise," is half your little finger and they're now the size of your lower arm in 7-8 years.)

Back to topic: The runs then were in 'decline,' then a total turn around. We've got fish coming out our 'ears.' Spring King run (into the top end of the river) of 35-40,000 fish; summer run steelhead over 10,000 fish in the same water along with a similar number of fall kings.

At the risk of saying something I'll regret ... why are our numbers going up to historic highs, and everyone elses going to historic lows?
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