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I fish flys on spinners with gear and I fish flys and Dick Nites and corkies and yarn and lead eyes with the fly gear. My goal is always to get the bite, set the hood, fight land fish. If a legal keeper, it is taken for the table or smoker. If the limit is 2 fish, I C&R until a bigger keeper is landed.

Can't tell you how many times I have landed a keeper in 5 minutes of casting, thought, wow, lots of fish around, released it, and never got another bite all day. Skunked myself as far as eating the prey is concerned. It costs me not less than $100 out of pocket to get to the river and back from home for a day trip of 4 or 5 hours on the water. But I love the sound of the fish on ice in the cooler sloshing about on the drive home.

Since I only get to fish river steelhead a few days per year, I will take as many legal fish per day as allowed. Did I mention, all barbless?? Very rare that I take home more than one or two fish in a 2 day outing when steelhead is the prey. I fill the freezer from the salt water, lings and salmon, but do stock as much poundage as I can from a few river trips each year for steelhead.

If it bothered greatly to get skunked any particular day, I would have quit fishing many years ago. But I have no aversion whatsoever to tie anything castable and fishable on my fly gear to get a steelhead to bite. If a no. 10 egg fly ain't workin', I'll try something else, and I'm not limited to just flys. Shoot, I might even try a small HotShot on my fly gear to elicite a reflex bite after getting no takers on several "go-to" lures. I seriously don't like being skunked, but I can take it like a man, and eat beans that night rather than fish, and just ignore the stink.
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