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OK -

The design works great, just as good as any expensive cone system anyway.

Two things:

- Instead of using just four, might as well blow the other $1.50 and use all eight. Better yet...

- Cut into 6 taller "cones" and use the rubbermaid 17 quart bucket. The standard 12 quart is probably too shallow as the 8th cuts were tall as it was in there. As one changes the diameter of the cut tubes, the dynamics of the cones change as well. Probably a little room for experimentation there.

Since the two-hander works out with 60-70 feet of running line behind the 30 ft head the 17 qt bucket is a much better solution than the common little rubbermaid 12 qt. The 17qt has a big lip edge and will require more surgery than the light-weight cousin but it's depth makes it a much better basket for handling lots of line.

Choosing the right basin is important, most brands are too brittle and crack when working the holes and removing the inside rolled-over lip. Rubbermaid cuts very nicely without cracking, Iris products are also made of the slice-able stuff.

Using a dremel bit makes a very nice slotted hole for the web belt.

I tried a translucent plastic and it really is much safer when walking on rocks, although I have yet to find it in a material that does not crack when cutting. It can be tinted and still let you see the next step on the rocks.

Lucite tubes can be cut to keep the cones clear as well, once the proper basin is found.

Again, the only adhesive I found to work so far was aquaseal. I did not try PVC cement yet.

All in all it's been a very affordable, easy and lightweight solution to the age-old dillema and paves the way for the development of the more serious basket needed for handling entire fly lines and 120 foot shooting lines with the two-hander.
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