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We had a good time.
On 10/8, I don't think we waited more than 15 mins for a king hookup all day. Lots of doubles, lots of fun, just a couple people in sight. A bunch of cohos in the mix, too. We lost track of the numbers by 10 a.m., and both learned a lot about fighting big fish on light tackle. My 12 wt was just the tool, but Marco was hanging on just fine with a 9 wt. I saw more backing on that 12 wt than probably ever before, and got some excellent coaching on sinktip techniques.

10/9 still lots of fish, but they came in bunches, with ~ 1hr quiet periods in between. I had one take me a good 500 yds downstream on a 12 wt and 12# tippet. Each of the people that saw us on 10/8 brought a horde of buddies, so things were getting a bit tight and rude by mid-day.

10/10 a zoo in the area by 9. We left and drifted down prospecting for steelhead. Got only one, but Marco scored a beautiful brown. We got great pics of Marco with his 34# king, 19# coho, and 7# brown. I got my first introduction to spey casting, and even managed to flub out a few casts somehow. Very addictive. Dave Barber is an excellent teacher. Diametrically different from the meatpit attitude on the river.

Dam release was 700 cfs, with the water down by Pulaski close to 1000 cfs.
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