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Icy Sheep!

My buddy and I have tried various color combos;
White60% & red40% = rating 10/10
Yellow & red = rating 8
Yellow & White = rating 4
Chartreuse & white = rating 7
Chartreuse & red = rating 7
Blue & white = rating 6
Blue & red = rating 0 (Bust!)
Blue & Chartreuse = rating 6 ( Walley seem to like this one best!)

Let me know what combos work for you in rivers and what type of flash you use/try out.

More experiments to come with various flash materials and body wraps although when the fly is wet, the body wrap does not show up much, so I've almost abandoned it as an additional "pretty" step but not effective as far as making a difference in hook-ups.

Looks like this will be an interesting winter of experimentation.....
Pete AKA Frenchcreek from Calgary
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