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Pete, thanks for the insightful reply. I think that I know why the flies are sinking quickly....although they have no weight, they are tied on salt water hooks for durability. I'm pretty sure that the rate of descent in the water column would be slowed with a lighter wire fresh water hook.

They worked here too, but I fish in the rivers and except for very early in the season the fish tend to hang out anywhere from 5 to 8 feet. So I really didn't encounter the problems you described.

Good info! Something to think about this winter while I tie...lighter freshwater hooks. Perhaps next year we can try them out together, either here or there. I had the same results with your crease flies that you did....plenty of interest, but no takers.

And to everyone else, it's nice to hear of the ins and outs of your warmwater seasons. We're not done yet, but it's time to start reflecting.
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