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Simple pattern to tie...
Hook: I used Gamakatsu #2/0 Swash-eye
Body: Either a thread wrap on the bare hook or small Crystall Chenille
Winging: Attach on bunch of white Icelandic sheephair about half way up the hook shank, overtie this with some flashy stuff, I used Pearl Angel Hair (Thank's Juro), overtie this with another buch of white Icelandic sheephair. This leaves about 1/4 inch up to the hook eye.
Underwing: Tied on the bottom of the hook, just ahead of the last buch of white Icelandic sheephair, use red Icelandic sheephair
Head: Use some of the short wool on the patch of skin as dubbing and wrap off the head.

When this fly gets wet, it slinks right down to about the size of a pencil, after the quick pull, the whole thing pulse up to about 1 1/2 inches round.
Great imitation of an injured Lake Whitefish.

Shown here as I pulled on the wool.
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