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All of the flies you sent me worked. The problem I had is related to the depth we fish and the lines we use. Most of the flies you sent were heavier than my usual patterns and got into the weeds very fast. The ones with barbell eyes and rabbit strip worked best, the epoxy heads/bucktail type hair went to deep and did not give the "action" that the furry ones do. I mostly fish water that is 3 to 6 feet deep, still water at that and mostly with a dry line and on occasion with a type 3, 10 foot sink tip, just enough sink rate so that when i strip the fly in i get the fly to swim up & down as it moves forward. I don't get out to rivers that hold pike but the flies remain in "inventory" for when I get to a pike river. I may have to do so in your part of the world - Who knows?
As far as the "experimental pike crease patterns" go, they were a total bust! I had many large pike sweep out of their holes, come take a look but none really attacked the fly as I hoped they would. I tried trolling them fast behind the boat and that did not even rate a look see. Tried more weight and up to a 350 gr. depth cahrge type sink tip but it got to the point that the weight prevented any decent cast with a fly rood or went too deep too fast. More weight would work on a baitcaster but then that would no longer be a "fly"! I don't fish when the pike would be in deeper water (July & August & Sept.), maybe the flies would work at depth over 20 feet?
BUT I have a new one, great "attack" characteristics.
I'll put it in another post
Pete AKA Frenchcreek from Calgary
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