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I only do Pike as a WW species, I don't consider Trout to fit in this category.

On a scale of 1-10, spring pike was an 8, had much better years before. The water was at a good level this spring compared to previous years and this may have given them more options. Also, I think the increase in Walleys/Pickerel in the lakes I fish may have displaced the Pike. Lastly, the wter wrmed up faster this year than in prior years but this was followed by a rapid cooling off that lasted about 3 weeks. This may also have put them down.

Ask me about Pike over the next 3 weeks and I'll probably rate the fall fishing as a 9.5 on the same waters. The last 2 weeks have yielded many trophy fish, (15 pounds & above, 3 above 20 ponds), tons of average fish (8 to 15 pounds) and a good crop of up & coming bruisers (4 to 8 pounds).

I decided to put the motor boat away fopr the season, before freezing weather hits, so now it's pike from a pontoon boat. Landing & releasing big critters without a proper craddle and without the help of a buddy is real challenging. Fishing in a smallish bay where there are over 20,000 Ducks and over 12,000 Geese and Swans swimming about is real neat except when your back is turned away and they decide to lift off. It's like a 747 in your backyard.

Trout has been a 9.0, I just had to sneak this in....
Pete AKA Frenchcreek from Calgary
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