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Rate your warmwater season

I'd like to hear how everyone thinks this year was for them with the warmwater fishing compared to years past. For me, it was stellar. While I didn't land any true trophies, the purchase of a boat that only drafts 9" of water made it possible for me to explore new waters and get to spots that before I could only look at and wonder about.

The pike fishing was good, and I found some spots to check later this fall and early next spring. The smallies and largemouths were decent, and the panfish were too numerous to mention. On the average, they seemed to be a bit larger this year.

I only fished my local quarry pond once this year. Ordinarily I hit this spot about once every other week or so, but having the boat for the first year gave me wander lust. I suppose those quarry fish needed a break from me anyway.

So, how about the rest of you who chase warmwater fish?
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