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If the Salmon are still running I am limited for rods. I am still waiting for Juro to get my Skagit and Steelheader specialist in the Shop. I think Ryan and Dennis at Kauffman's are going to get a restraining order against me if I show up again asking about those rods. I would more than likely whip out the Salar and toss 4, 5 or 600 grain heads, both in the intermediate or DC big boys. I'd drag sand lance and herring immitations from my Salt fly box. If I had a floating head in that wt range I toss the world famous Miyawaki Popper

If I were just chasing cutts, my choice would be the Sage 5120. Shooting heads in the 3 and 400 grain range tossing the same flies but in the cutt size.

I'd have to tie up some other flies from this site too.

A beach clave would be too kewl,

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