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I have seen this happen several times in short, type II streams across the region. Fish will enter creek mouths and spawn at night, then right back out to the lake. This act is just because of the cautious nature. Can you see that it is spawned out? The stretch marks are apparent. The fish slammed the fly. As you both know, kings tend to be aggressive. I have seen darker kings staging attack patterns. That was just one of the 4 I hooked that weekend. Most fish were out of my casting distance, even with a spey rod I couldn't get there!

Let me know, I can show you guys the ropes. Juro, we need a date. I learned from the best in the business, I'll tell you that!

Early spring brings lake run browns, salmon and steelhead near shore right after ice out. If we target it right, fish should be staging in thermal breaks along shoreline and near creek mouths. Usually, the steelhead will draw into pods as they come closer to spawning and begin to look into entering tribs. If you are fishing the shorter, type II streams that might only be a few hundred yards will see what was seen with the salmon being spawned out yet chrome beacause the lake is so close.

Hope this helps. Juro, I have to send you some pictures of my patterns. They are awesome, I sell them in a few flyshops and my friend who pioneered surf fishing in the GL region taught me several ways to make the patterns better for imitating the baitfish. Check your PM's.

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