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nice post juro, good to remember the past season. it was a good season when it came to numbers, but size of the coho was smaller (although there were certainly a few nice fish) and the pink numbers were ungodly (and it may sound terrible, but when you're not targeting pinks, they're the last things you want to catch tons of).

interesting to read about the fishery 20 miles east of the port i fish. the consistency of having to dredge is one definitely different factor. i find that the topwater fishing out in the ocean is more dependent on tides, a gradual decrease in thick schools of bait, etc. than time of day. i've had better luck casting poppers many days later in the day. while dredging is often necessary, often when you have by-catch (stinking mackerel) it's the last thing in the world you want to do. in fact, more and more my goto line is an intermediate vs. a heavier sinking line. of course, many days the weather makes dredging offshore impossible (strong winds) but the fish tend to stay up higher with the additional chop on the water.

looking forward to next season. hoping coho numbers remain high and the lack of humpy competition should result in larger silvers.

this year definitely had the most numbers of flyfishermen i have seen out of neah bay. probably will be a trend as the popularity of saltwater fishing increases in the northwest. the coolest thing was that the majority of those i saw fishing weren't bucktailing... and 2003 was the first year my boat saw zero bucktailing used (the thought crossed my mind on a few of the slower days, but i resisted the trolling demons <G>).

you would enjoy spending a summer fishing out here juro. you'll never have a better handle on the fishing or where they're at than after 4-14 straight days on the water.

i do think that the stronger currents formed by the narrowing of the strait increase the fly casting opportunities for shallower running coho.

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