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Post Fall Surf's Up Salmon(8/27/03)

Labor Day weekend I had a blast chasing early salmon in a few surf destinations in northern Michigan. Late summer/early fall is a great time to hit the beach and look for early kings staging off thermal breaks and shoreline discharges.

When I arrived late Friday night, I decided I would check the area out. Nothing around, really. Although we did get a strong east wind for about 3 days causing a thermal updwelling of cooler water in the bay. I was right at the end of it, and the first day was by far the best. Many fish were staging outside in the bay and I hooked 2 of them. Fresh kings that smoked me. I was throwing an 8" smelt imitation. I looked at a few other destinations with no fish seen.

I went back the next morning and ended up landing one. A nice chrome hen of about 8-9lbs that was already spawned out. It took a 5" Dan's GL CLouser imitation. She must of entered one of the nearby tribs and came back out to the lake. I have seen this many times.

Overall, I had a good time. Fall colors were just about turning and the fishing was still in the early stages. The area I fished recieves a great run of fish every year.

I have another trip with pics coming soon!

9lb hen nookie

Remanants of last year's run!

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