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Hi Guys,

I thought I might talk some of you at least Mike Z into joining me one night out. I hear you about doing all nighter tend to wipe you out for the next day.

Idecided looking at the forcast it would be about 10 degrees warmer tonight and the wind would be perfect for where I want to fish so I am going tonight.

Jay - I have hooked alot of fish on some moonlit nights and nothing much on others. As far as how I do it, I basically go to where I think bait will likely be and look for activity fish alittle in the likely spots. The best nights are when there is plenty of activity, when all is quite and no bait around I usually move on. I like to set up a lantern if nothing is happening and I want to try a spot. I can usually attract a large bunch of bait fish and have had schools move in and start a blitz

I don't have anything special tied up yet for night. I use mostly the same flies as during the day, like dark and light half/ half clousers (white/brown, white/olive, white/black)I seem to use alot of the time.. I think the most important thing is getting the fly in front of them at the depth they are feeding, then worry about what fly to try next if there are no takers.

Tight Lines,
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