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Relax, I understand your disappointment, my last trip I fished 2 days out of 12 due to water conditions, but the fact is that's steelheading. Going up North isn't the big guarantee, often it's a crapshoot, a major investment in time and funds.

I have met many anglers who go up with false expectations of numbers of fish and I always try and share with them instead focus on the why they are making the trip: the opportunity to swing your fly over healthy returns of native steelhead on unspoiled rivers.

Take pride in account that you stayed true to the method you wanted to use and experience it with-good for you. I will gladly trade your experience for all the time I have ran over to the Olympic Peninsula streams, only finding a punched river and turning around to make the 4hr trip back.

-Lost poor realitive of the Simms family fishing fortune
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