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Me thinks these folk think you have never caught a steelhead :hehe:

I do feel your pain even though I have had a decent summer compared to many. Hang in there and it will turn around. I know your trip up north was frustrating. Two years ago I did the same thing and out of 9 days we fish 1 and a half.

I have a friend that was also up there when yuou and I were. His story is also one of disapointment. In fact, he is having the worst steelhead year of his life. He laughs that he can't even catch fish in closed waters. A springtime miscommunication had him fishing closed water for a couple weeks without so much as a grab. That is the kind of year he has had.

Don't you do anything too rash but get that new two-hander out there with a fly you have confidence in and just cast. Once you start focusing on how it all seems to be coming together, you will get a good yank and then you will be healed.

By the way, welcome to the board. Good to see you posting over here.

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