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I think I'm Goiing To Sell Out

I have argued for years, and I hope persuasively, of the need for the highest standards in fly fishing. No bobbers (for catfishermen only), no heavily weighted flies or jigs. I even argued that on heavily fished streams like the North Fork of the Umqua, all flies and lure must float (to avoid lining the fish and snagging, flossing etc.,) No kill whatsoever on wild fish. Perhaps the closing of the entire Hoh river, the only decent wild fish river in
Washington, until recovery can be seen.
But I'm going to being a low life. Don't even waste your time with me if you are an ethical fisherman. I AM SICK AND TIRED OF BEING SICK AND TIRED AND I WANT TO GET SOME FISH.
So, I am going to use heavily weighted articulated dredgers, I'm going to scour every seam with these using a bobber. Just call me catfish. And if my ear is ripped off by those damn bombs I'm going to be throwing, then so be it.
I'm sore about a trip to the Bulkley recently which cost me a fortune to say nothing of the three days it me to get there. And it was a long three days home.
I got skunked, not even an LDR, no tug, no rock bite that I could claim as a fish...
I used dry flies only you see. Muddlers, Waller Wakers, Steelhead Bees, etc.
I am broken in spirit and I'm going to get deadly. After a few fish, maybe we can talk.
But for now, watch out! All bets are off!
Bob, the Turned Bad
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