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Not an expert but do know that in summer as air heats up over land it rises and the cooler heavier air over the ocean will take up the void left by the rising warmer air and creating on shore afternoon winds.
I know out here in the NW that during a high pressure system we can get off shore winds early in the morning as the warmer air over the low lands rises and the cooler mountain air sinks down to replace it. By late morning though the wind has changed to onshore. Also at sunrise above Goldbar on the sky I've seen strong winds coming down the river from the near by mountains for 15 or 20 minutes then seem to quit as temps equalize. Of course then you have highs and lows in the area with highs going clockwise and winds starting from the north and lows counter clockwise and begining from the south as both types of systems aproach from the west.

Another interesting question has anyone out there learned to read their local tides by the moon phases only. I know that it can be done and it is different on both coasts. When I lived in Hawaii a lot of the Hawaians were just increadable at doing so.
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