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Sorry to hear you had a bad experience. I was also going to try to meet Mark NY at the DSR. But, We were late in getting to the river and thought the DSR would be sold out. I guess we just lucked out with the crowd up river. I too was amazed that the Cemetary pool was not crowded.....I guess everyone went to the DSR with the prospect of a fresh run of fish. No one was snagging, lining, lifting that I noticed. There were alot of fish in the pool....with not that many hookups. I guess if one were inclined to snag etc. ......that there would of been a lot more fish on (of sorts).
The same seemed true in the upper fly zone. We had the pool to ourselves at 3:00. Fishing fairly; we had no hookups and 2 foul hooked fish that were broken off immediately. As I mentioned, the bottom was paved with fish.....we could watch as a fly swung thru the pod.....and the fish would separate and shy away from the fly and weight. They were not interested at all! Oh well......but it's better to not foul hook them.
BTW: after Columbus day and once hunting season starts, the crowds will disappear.....especially if you are willing to walk a little to find some solitude. I find Tues & Wed. to be the least crowded as those days do not tag onto a long weekend trip.
Interesting Observation: I'm in the cemetary pool and this guy comes to the river with no waders on.....just casual clothes and sneakers. We got to talking and he rigs up and starts to fish. I asked him what he would do if he hooked a fish that left the pool...he said he just breaks off any fish that he needs to chase! All the fish I landed...I had to chase downstream....the ones I hooked fairly and ultimately lost were also lost downstream of the pool. I don't understand how some guys can have such a lazy attitude!
Good luck in future excursions!
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