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Sounds like you had a good trip. I fished Monday and Tuesday as well. Monday was a nightmare - 35 guys at meadow run before 7 in the morning and a poor run on Monday. I had guys jogging past me through the cornfield at dawn to get position...this is on a weekday. Unbelievable. Met with Mark NY to fish later that afternoon and hit the lower fly zone which was packed with people. We drove around to every hole on the river and all were overloaded beyond belief. Good to see some new water and steelhead holding lies for later in the year - thanks Mark! Finally stopped in at the upper fly zone where we found relative solitude but only dark fish that were not receptive to a fly.

Yesterday was better. Much less crowded and we got prime position in the meadow first thing and hit the run of fresh fish. We each had lots of good hookups, and very few foul hooked fish. This was a lot of fun. Unfortunately the cannonball and running line guys were snagging and flossing them left and right although I did see a few other flyguys getting legit hookups. By lunchtime the crowds were back so I headed back home.

I'd have to say the crowds and general lack of sportsmanship have finally worn me down on the salmon run. There is a certain amount of etiquette that goes along with the sport which seems to be lost on this group. I won't be taking any more trips up there aside from steelhead trips later in the year. Watching the throng of "anglers" huddled around bridges, snagging dark fish that have been pounded to hell for days finally did it to me.

It's just not what flyfishing is about to me. Not really fishing at all from what I can tell.....

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