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Post Salmon River 9/30 report

Just got back from a day trip to the Salmon River.
We ended up fishing the fly zones. Arrived at the cemetery pool at 6:15.. parked at the church and went down to the one there! Had the pool to ourselves till 7:00 or so.....fished there till noon.....never really got crowded....maybe 25-30 guys...4 of which were in our group. Lots of fish in the pool..many fresh also. I fished dark nymphs and had a dozen good hookups, with 3 kings landed. My buddies had multiple hookups also....but none landed. It was fun without any of the foolishness that happens there sometimes. ( a good, fun bunch of guys fishing the pool.) BTW when leaving I stood up on the hill and looked into the pool.....a lot of fish in the pool....and fish coming in all morning!). In the afternoon (2-4) we fished the upper fly zone. not many guys there at all. The upper pool was loaded with salmon....but they had lock hookups....2 foul hooked fish, but I'd like to be there when those fish turned on . Again ,standing high on the bank, with good lighting, we were able to count over forty salmon in the pool. (some were dark but many were relatively fresh). Also , my buddy crossed the river below the pool and spooked allot of salmon in the fast they are there in force!
The river seems to have fish throughout. The major run is just beginning and at least for Tuesday the crowds were not bad. The run and resultant crowds will build in the next weeks.
Overall a fun and pleasant day OTW.
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