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Originally posted by roballen
2's totally defeat the purpose.
Och, I don't know. I've caught steelhead on #6 WHs! They actually work pretty well in a variety of sizes. Hmmm... don't know how much success I've had with larger ones come to think of it!

Doug - the hackle is from a rooster cape specially designed for SW flies. (I didn't want to plug a non-sponsor, so being careful what I say here.) They are nice because they have well rounded tips for the wings and long fibres for the hackle. You can use schlappen or Chinese hackle or whatever you find that is the right length. I like the shinier feathers (not much barb like schlappen has) because it makes the colours more vibrant in the water IMHO. That's just personal preference, though.

Thanks to the crew for the hair/GP crest info. Must say I like the way the crest curves with the feather and complements the hook bend.

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