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RE:A Lurker No More

Hey Ryan,

2 Autumns??? Wow . . . just the possibility of fishing the 'natch again makes my day!!

As for the Thompson . . there's a reason guys like Juro go to the Thompson <g>.

I agree with you - the take on the swing is awesome - an instant adrenaline-jolt. And tailouts are some of the best places to get that take on a floating line. The water shallows a bit, and the steelhead that hold there just seem be a little bit hotter than the rest.

Now imagine that the steelhead holding there are 15lbs and larger. Steelies that can and will turn your flyreel into a screaming moulten orb moving too fast to even touch! I know - it happened to me last October. Fish took my fly, line, and most of my 200 yards of backing in less time than it took me to react to it. I stared dumbly at the funny-colored line (backing) stretching downstream after the fish came unbuttoned! The boulders -are- big and slimy, but don't write it off until you've gone a few rounds with one of the Thompson's steelhead.

Anyway, welcome to the Forum! See you at the next Wild Steelhead Coalition meeting!


BrianL / Doublespey
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