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SD, that was one of the highlights of the

last Sandy River Spey 'Clave. On Friday eveing (pouring down rain and we were all under cover (Bless you again! Bob, Laura, Mark and Patty) and he did a session on his 'rock worms.' (Or as I've seen in print "Fred's Fancy." The things REALLY do work well!)

Taped his 'how to,' and another hours or so of the Instructors on Saturday. If you'd like a copy I can make you one/mail same. Cost you about $5 bucks for the tape/stamps. Sorry for 'pricing'the copy, etc., but I've already sent out about 10 copies and 'the Redhead' stated something to the effect of 'enough is enough.'

Interesting what a man will do for ... never mind.
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