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RE:A Lurker No More

That is the very reason I have no aspirations to fish the Thompson...Hell I have a hard enough time walking without falling on my face when walking the silty banks of the lower North Fork. I can not imagine having to manuever Volkswegan size, slick as snot boulders.

I will say I have caught very very few fish on the typical swing. They were all caught in the tail-out of the Deer Creek Riffle as I was up to my armpits in water and the take on the swing is nothing short of amazing. The first time, I will never forget. She took, had me into my backing, cleared the water twice all in about one second. Its very very difficult to nearly give a young lad like myself a heart attack but it sure was great!!!

Now if I can only get one to the surface fly. From the rumors I have heard, the Wenatchee will be open in two autumns from now. That will be the time for Ryans battle with the steelhead on the surface fly. I can not wait!!!!!!
Ryan S. Petzold
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