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Ooops, rod holders

Actually, I don't like ANY rod holders that strap around tubes. I don't like anything in that water except the hull of the boat. I normally buy the rod holder I like, then buy the adapter piece that mounts to any sized railing from Cabela's. I have them on my big cataraft now, and have had them on all my small catarafts. Great devices. I think they redesigned them. So have to order one or two to check them out.

When you get your boat, let me know. I can show you some ways to setup lay down rod holders too. I usually buy Danielson or Berkley rod holders (the verticle types that hang on wall with hardplastic with foam inserts) and mount them on the boat laying flat. This way, your rod sits steady and secure. Plus, no scarring of the rod with the material. Great for rods you don't plan to fish.
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