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Here's my .02.

I used to do volunteer swiftwater rescue. I had to be certified to do it, and was a thankless job most of the time. I found that I would NEVER rely on anything mechanical when it came to vests. They have been proven to be effective, but there's none that are 100% effective. Do you want to risk your life on something that may/maynot open? The self inflatables, stay away from. I've been flipped out of alot of boats (luckily, I have yet to flip one of mine knock on wood). The last thing you have on your mind is pulling the cord. The auto inflates are ok. But same thing, I don't trust mechanical things. Has to be so wet before it inflates. So not sure how much water it'll take to inflate. Only takes half a second for a hydraulic to pull you under. When one does, a quick inflation won't help you get out of it. Have pulled dead people out of hydraulics with high floatation life vests on.

Personally, I'd go with a kayakers type vest. Gives you plenty of mobility to row, and also the floatability you want if you dump the boat. You can find them at some whitewater shops online, can give you links if you want. I still get paper catalogs from most, since to this day I still do some ordering from them. But they do come with a higher price tag. But you won't be sorry in long run.

Onto wheeling. They do have wheels out there that bolt onto frame. The best one I've seen out there escapes me namewise. But I know they make them for the Outcasts, Waterskeeters, Steelheaders, and a couple others. You don't have to disconnect the wheel and remount off the water. It simply pins, and unpins to move it. You can contact me for link to steelheader, he can lead you where to buy them (think he sells them too). I may get them. But I can normally, when healthy, carry my 16' cataraft on my back (300+#'s), so any of the smaller 9-10' boats are normally no sweat. But we'll see once I'm healed up. LOL. Am a bit out of shape backwise. :hehe:

Think I covered them all?
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