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Beach Fishing Report

I've been fishing a couple beaches early in the morning these past couple weeks Lincoln and Golden Gardens. The flyfishing has been slow with brief moments of action and the gearboys aren't faring much better either.

It seems that the coho are traveling in small pods of three or four because, when the action comes, only one person will hook up (my advice if someone near you hooks up, start casting like crazy, don't stand and look). Typically, for the morning bite, one or two fish will be beached by the gearfishers and I have not heard any conversation from anyone, including the subsurface flyfishers, about hits or lost fish. Now, here's the best part. There has been at least two and sometimes more of us throwing surface poppers. With so few fish moving through, we popperboys have at least been able to attract them to the surface to either follow, lunge and strike, turn away at the beach, get hooked only to come unbuttoned or lost due to angler error.

At least we're getting some action but it would be nice to see a school be less transient and stick around and play with us for a little while.

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