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Actually, I went and tried the CND's. Fell in love with the 15 foot Salar right off the bat. Better than my Sage, Loop, Flylogic and St Croix spey rods, all put together. Now don't get me wong. I have tossed the Burkie's and B&W's. They feel really good in my hands. But I'll be able to get line and new reels for the same price.

The Salar is going to get me into the big belly area of line. Jack Cook let me toss the Accelerator with it. First time I had ever tossed that type of line and it sort of looked like I new what I was doing. But I wont have any qualms about using shooting heads on it. I'm already doing that with my Sage 15' 10wt, but the Specialist series feels like it is a better rod for that task.

I'm also thinking the new Skagit or Steelhead specialist will be a better option for my shooting heads off the beach. Going to try it as soon as they come in. 14' 9wt or 13' 8wt will also work better for me on the rivers plus I have plenty of spey line for up there if I don't have room to overhead those heads.

Don't know if the 11 or 12 foot beach rods will be the ticket, but will be trying it before passing judgement.

Also I'll have to redo my basket. I think with longer fingers in the bottom, I could shoot into the backing on that Rio .024 floating running line. That's a 120 feet of running line and about 35 feet of head. I know it's just a dream but I'm close (30 more feet close on that slow ass Sage). Getting the fly to lay out straight off the leader is hard. If I could build the heads with some taper it might work a little better. Plus I found a head shop that sells digital dope scales. I'm really going to have to watch my grains on those heads and set them up for the different rods.

Anything is worth getting out past the buzz bombers. Not that the fish are there. All my hits are still pretty close up. It just looks cool and besides, the chicks dig it.

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