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They might work on steelhead in bright sun since all they are is an imitation of a spinning lure. I've not used them for steelhead.

I have found that the "Sun Fly" found in Kelson and other of the old masters' works works very well in bright sun in gin clear water. Also, I have found that a shrimp fly tied with pearl Flashabou for a tail with either pearl or silver tinsel for the rear 1/2 body, a magenta hackle at the mid-point, a black, claret, or magenta front 1/2 body, and a badger or grizzly hackle at the front works in bright sun.

Another fly I've found works well in bright sun is Bob Wagner's "Sundowner" in black, orange, or purple.

All of these should be tied small (not bigger than a #8 standard tie) or as a low-water style fly (which you cannot do with the shrimp style fly). Interestingly, I've also found they are effective when cast under or next to a log jam and then stripped back from the lag jam. I fish them almost exclusively on floating line.
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