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You make interesting points. You are certainly entitled to your opinion, but to enact changes on their behalf requires some equity into the co-op whether via time and effort, contributions of content, or sponsorships.

For now, there are people who work without pay to make this place available, businesses who support it with their sponsorships, and people who participate in this free resource.

Our hope is that the forum is beneficial to all.

Originally posted by Funneldun

First of all the spirit of the policy is not provided when you log in to this forum - its an interpretation - I would be unable to interpret it the way you do.

To your first argument - I would agree if only the sponsors can provide the information needed - they can not in this case !

Secondly - I did not promote - I supplied helpfull information to a fellow fly fisherman - why do you think it was promotion ? How will leaving out the www make much difference ????

Nobody else seemed able/willing to help Marcelo - so I did, you didnt - you know of the Shenandoah Spey rods from the old Spey-forum !

Now where's the spirit in that

I will refrain from further comments on this - Marcelo deserves better !
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