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The Sauk's cannot fish in the Sound commercially unless they are invited to do so by the Swinomish or Upper Skagit tribes. They have no history of fishing in the Sound like the other two Skagit Valley tribes. This being the case, I suspect they are buying the 27 ft boat as a means to show the other two tribes that they will help with inforcement in the Sound; thus, having the other two tribes continue to invite them to harvest shellfish in the Sound.

The three Skagit Valley tribes with fishing rights per Bolt (Samish was a "decommisioned tribe" at the time of the Bolt decision and have no fishing rights as a result) have been working on a way to help WDFW enforcement officers the last five years. The stumbling block has been money to hire the tribal officers. The three tribes have all received federal grant monies for the express purpose of helping enforce the fishing regulations of WDFW in the Skagit drainage.

I for one am glad that the three fishing treaty tribes are taking their co-management of the resource seriously and have pursued funds in order to hire more "fish cops". Lord knows that the WDFW enforcement folks have a huge territory to cover with far too fewd officers for the task. I bet the poachers are not going to be happy about this change though.
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