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Thank you Plunker for your above response. I will only speak for myself and I have not found your voice hear to be negative in anyway. As you are well aware most here are somewhat liberal. But I am amazed that there are some conseratives here as well. I for one am not liberal or conserative but a good old fashion leftist one who believes in socialisim, not a pinko commie though. Oh how I wish for a goverment somewhere between Canada and Sweeden.

Your challenge to us here is insightful, your views on C&R delightful, though there is a need for C&R in certain situations and even you practice it under the right conditions. Don't worry things will go full circle and some of your thoughts and ideas such as not fishing C&R on depleted stocks will be the norm in the future. C&R has been a disaster in Montana on such rivers as the Madison and Missourri. It was created not for the fish and the enviroment but to be able to justify more fishermen for more money for the industry. Yes we got more fish per mile but we also got a lot of ugly fish that were no longer full of that wild life that a wild trout should have. We also got the crowds and the industry got their money.

Your views on land rights scare the hell out of me but having once owned a ranch in Montana I know how trying it can be to let the public on to hunt and fish. But the goverment must step in on enviro issues and set a course that will help gain some positive results. I wish they would spend money helping farmers and ranchers solve the problems they face instead of letting them fall flat on their face. All that money on war, boy could of that been used on the farm front like the Skagit dairy farmers with their land use problems.

Anyway your views are different from most of us here and I don't agree with most of what you say but from the other side you put up an outstanding debate one that should make everyone of us think a little bit deeper than we sometimes do. At least we should use it to see how your side thinks about the same issues we are thinking about. Your reasoning sure beats the Rush Linbbouh or what ever that idiots name is.

MMM and MJC are good friends of mine, maybe not after I post this. I think they are wrong in giving you the type of shat they are giving you. If they got different ideas on stuff here they should state it and they better be as sure on their opinions as you are on your convictions. Sounds like they are a bit intiminated and a few others are too. I'm not going to say that a the fly fishermen here on flytalk have their head up you know where because everyone of them that I know I have respect for. They are fine people who care about the issues we talk about. But so many fly fishermen in this world today are quick to condem and spew a bunch of you know what at those who don't follow the religion. You know sort of like those who spew the far right religious stuff or those hard core religious zelots in the near east.

As far as I'm concerned you are a welcome voice hear even though I think you are a kook.

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