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You seemed to have missed the part where I said "for lack of a better way to put it" and where I said "what I call liberal tendencies". Those were my opinions of this board's makeup not a rule that the founders of this board set forth.

If you go back to the “Skagit blown badly” thread you will see that I defended and thanked you in your posting of pertinent information on the reasons the Skagit was in such poor shape. I don’t believe at any time I “snubbed” you.

I think it is great you used to tie flies. But, I don't think you tie now nor do I think you fly fish. Not that I think you must to participate but that is not for me to say. I will say I truly believe you frequent this board not for the benefit of the board or the other anglers here but to engage in controversial conversation and if needed you will create the controversy.

"Me thinks that mercury might be a bigger concern. I recommend that you abstain from fish altogether. Learn to subsist on tofu and nuts and leave the sockeye for those of us who appreciate their healthier aspects. "

The above is a quote from one of your posts in this thread in case you missed it. This, to me, smacks of a troll. No, actually, to me it is a troll. I think you made this statement purely to see if someone would take your bait. Perhaps I am mistaken. At any rate, I doubt you can convince me that you had any other motive.
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