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Kerry - Did I miss the rule defining this as a liberal political forum? Is entry restricted to those with expensive spey rods or does the fact that I tied fly's commercially during the mid though latter 50's and demonstrated the methodology on television on occasion qualify my participation?

In the words of the master:
"Let's not get into offensive impositions or thin-skinned retorts in this community. We have a unique environment here, like a pristine mountain lake or drinking water stream, with some occasional siltiness here and there but otherwise crystal clear. If you have to piss, walk 100 feet away from shore first please."

MJC - "Why is that?" Sometimes expectation can become a vehicle of suggestion serving to polarize perception. We are all somewhat prone towards finding what we look for.

It is true that in a moment of haste tainted with hurt from the snubbing that you, Russ and Steven presented in the "Skagit blown badly" thread, for replying to the original subject, I did subsequently quip a slurring response in the "This just in..." thread. For that I apologize.

I would suggest that considering the degree of personal attacks and stereotyping encountered here that I and most others have done well at avoiding confrontations and negativity and that I, and hopefully most others, will endeavor to continue to do so.

I often seek to broaden the perspective of limited viewpoints but do so without malice.
You will get used to my posting style in time.

So now may we get back to our regularly scheduled program… fishing…?
Or, in this case, the environment and PCB's.
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