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RE:A Lurker No More

Having fished the North fork of the Stilly for over 20 years I guess I'll just have to add my two cents to the topic of "gear slinging bozos".

If the "strike indicator" aids in any physical way with the presentation of the fly rather than functioning as a visual aid to determining the action or movement of the fly (as an indicator got it), I do not consider it fly fishing.

A hunk of foam the size of a pack of cigarettes is not a stike indicator, it's a bobber. While technically not against the letter of the law, for a body of water designated as "Fly fishing Only", I believe the use of this sort of "presentation aid" sullies the spirit and sporting ethics of this river and those who have fought to make it what it is today; a very special place in the hearts and minds of steelhead fly anglers.
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