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I knew it! I've been holding out hope all along! I never believed it had anything to do with water temps. I believe the dirty water from the storms has been a big problem. This weekend Weekapoug looked like the Mississipi river - you couldn't see a foot into the water!

To put the tempeture issue into perspective, in the last six or seven years I have seen and caught albies right up to and past Halloween in southern Rhody. I've heard of them inside LI sound into November, and not just at powerplants.

As far as the current conditions are, well, I haven't measured the tempeture myself, but, I snorkled for over an hour on Sunday in Newport without a wetsuit. I did the same at Weekapoug the week before. And in both spots, tropical exotics [butterflyfish, the reason I was snorkling] were alive and active. In short, it aint too cold folks! And with all the bait around, if the albies do show, oh momma!
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