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Glad to hear the lanyard worked out, I know what you mean about the pins. I've used some #2's for smaller flies, but the total length of the tube body has to be less than 1". The wire dia. on the #2's that I have is 0.036", which is fine for the smallest tubes that I use, WD40 tubes. Wire dia. on my #3's is 0.043", which is snug on the small ones, but accommodates tubes up to 1.5", if a little of the 'catch' is filed off. I guess a few minutes at the grinding wheel would take care of things. (cripes, grinding safety pins! she won't believe this one...)

Glad to hear the fishing was good- I've heard they're needing some water up there. If they get what we're getting right now here in NH, it oughta help. A good friend is in Boiestown for the week, sure wish I could have made it too...Work is an ugly word!

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