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Well by now I am sure the word is out so I will dispense with the vagueness and just say Montauk is on FIRE! Got word from a friend who fished Sunday that the Albies finally showed and there were alot of them. So of course I made hasty plans to beat it to Montauk on Monday morning. We got out there about sunrise and second cast had a bass. Did this for the first hour or so, the bass were in close to the light and you just had to cast and let it sink. BAM! Then as it got lighter the Albies joined breakfast and it was real good. I don't know where they have been all Sept. but who cares they are here now. At one point there was an area several acres big that was all busting Albies and the funny thing was they stayed up for over 30+ min. Yes that's right 30+ minutes. You could hear guy's hooting and hollering all over the place it was the best Albie blitzing I have ever seen. Bay Anchovies were the menu item and the Albies were puking them all over the boat. Managed 14 between two of us and should really have had more but they were at times picky and uncooperative. The boats were also a problem as usual this time of year. Mostly a civil group and tempers never flaired. It should just get better from here on out, we also saw fish around most of the usual CT. spots that hold them.

Mike M.

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