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Speaking of the new Puget Sound Beach Rod, I was out casting a different shooting head gizmo I thunk up. Since I disintegrated my 12 foot Loop chasing silvers, I pulled out my old Sage 10150. I had been tossing 200/300/400 grain big boys and aqualux heads. Trouble is, they don't make a 500 grain head in the Aqualux. Then it hit me. 10 wt floating line is about 10 grains a foot. So I cut a 10 foot chunk, tied up some loop connecters at the ends and ran it like this;

.024 powerflex floating running line, 10 foot/100 grain floating middle section and then the heads.

Total head length is now 34 to 36 feet, depending on the type of head, which feels a heck of a lot better. Head weights are now 300/400/500 and it turns over that clouser a heck of a lot better. I can shoot 80 to 100 feet of running line which gives me a lot of room to change up retrieves like speed or herky jerky etc. The more time you have to play with it, the more the silvers like chasing it.

Just wish I had a faster rod for the two handed overhead cast. That old 10150 feels slow, infact, all my rods feel slow. Going to run this shooting head stuff through a CND Thompson on Wednesday and then a T & T hopefully. Sure wish I had a really fast 10 wt, 14 or 15 foot Puget Sound Beach Rod from CND. I'd make that rod wish to God it had never met me, aarrgh, and few Silvers too!

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