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A Lurker No More

After weeks of lurking and enjoying the the great conservations that take place in this forum, I have finally decided to join in.

Now for a little controversy

The NrthFrk16 refers to the North Fork Stilliguamish, what else? Anyways I work with the "gear slinging bozo's" (Soverel). Grrrrr...
I fished the North Fork for 3 years (I am and always have been fascinated with the history, the personalities and the flies of the river) before I started working with the "gear slinging bozos" and managed to hold becoming a "gear slinging bozo" for a whole summer but the following summer I was desperate to catch a steelhead so I did what I vowed never to do: fish a strike indicator with a heavily weighted fly and proceeded to catch my first steelhead and many many more.

You must all have your opinions of this type of fishing by now because it has become a huge controversy and led to threats and total rudeness and so I just wanted to know all of your opinions about this type of fishing.

Again...I enjoy everyone's posts here and the casual tightknit family atmosphere and I am glad to be joining in.

Ryan S. Petzold
aka Sparkey and/or Special
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