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Two-Hander for Salmon River/Alantic In-Shore Double-Duty?

Hi All,
I've recently moved back into the Northeastern US and am very interested in doing some salmon fishing on the "local" Salmon River. Additionally, I'll be spending more time fishing the Atlantic seaboard in search of our in-shore species (stripers, blues, weakfish, false albacore, and the like), mostly from shore. I've been reading up on two-handed rods on the forum and would like to build the rod over the upcoming Winter. If any of you with experience on the subject would be so kind, I'd like some recommendations as to which blanks would do well for 8- and 9-wt fishing, as well as a matching line. I have reels that can be used, so that's not an issue. My goal is to build a rod that I can perform overhead casting with to shoot plenty of line and thus cover more water, as well as not tire my arm(s) out after a day on the water. Thanks in advance for any information; I hope to jump in to this two-handed fishing soon...

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