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Trolling Kerry? Am I not permitted to elaborate upon a possible misdirection of focus? But yes, the pinks are boring when one spends 5 minutes fishing and 55 minutes playing them in a typical hour. It becomes easy to regard the pinks as pollutant amongst the rarer more desirable co ho's.

An interesting proposition Juro.
But why waste that neopollutrient biomass?

Lets fast forward from 1973 to the future...
The year is 2022 and Earth is over-populated. The once plentiful farmland is one of the many victims of a dying environment. Real food is expensive and hard to come by and the populace is restless and fed up with hungry stomachs. A single raw steak is more valuable than gold.

Here enters Soylent Green...
A synthetic nutritional chip made from the oceanic kelpy goodness?
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