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Thanks for the feedback on lines. "In close" for me means beneath the rod tip out to 50 feet or so. The Windcutter is impressive beyond 70 - 80 feet but I found it to be frustrating for anything closer.

The jist of my original question was: is there a line on the market that is a happy medium between a shooter (which I think is a fair characterization of the Windcutter) and a typical WF or DT line?

I had several days last year where I found them (in the same hole) 20 feet off the beach then 120 feet out in the middle. The Rio line got the long ones, the Cortland 444 WF got the one's in close, but I had to switch reels back and forth to mine that vein which got me thinking that there must be a line out there that would cover both bases.

The type of cast involved or the style of rod used are immaterial to me. It's the lines and what their characteristics are that are of interest. My experience with most of the newer lines (with the exception of the Windcutter) is zilch so any feedback at all is music to my ears.

And thanks for the warning about the mid-spey and its short-comings. I've become allergic to expensive lines that after a few outings end up in a shoe-box because they didn't turn out to deliver the goods I'd hoped for...
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