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Well, this depends on your definition of "close in". My definition is maybe 30 or 40 feet up to 50 or 60 feet, mostly angled down and across so much less really in terms of river width.

The lines that come in the length range of Windcutter, Airflo Delta, Hardy Mach I, Rio Scandinavian Heads, Loop Adapted, etc - are actually much better "close in" than the midspey / long delta / etc, which are better for longer casting and line control with less shooting and looping in the fingers of running line.

If you mean "even closer in", then I would argue you might not need a spey rod for such short distances (30 feet or less) - just spey cast with a single hander and double taper, that should cover any water less than appropriate for a windcutter IMHO.

.02, good luck!
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