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Water Masters are great...

AirDale, I have owned just about everything that floats and as a boat of choice in the small inflatable's I choose the Water Masters they are the simpelest and fastest to set up and will handle all but the most "Foolhardy" situations with safety and comfort.
In my opinion the single most important function of the WM's that is the least advertised is how simple they are to just stand up and walk down a run casting overhand or Spey without ever leaving your boat it just hangs around your waist, knees or ankles depending on the water depth. So you never have to make your way back up the pool to retreive your boat and gear. This is really nice when a mean spirited Grizzly takes exception at your sharing his or her water!
Juro sounds like I have to buy another WM, that light weight you are refering to at my age makes it a no brainer I'm sold where do I sign? I did not find a reference on the Sponsors Website for the light one, give me a clue mon.
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