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Airedale, the skookum 10' (with the big 19" pontoons, anchor package, 7.5 foot Cataract breakdown oars (accept no substitutes) will run you about 1700. But note that those tubes are very tough, thicker than just about anything else you can buy (no bladders). Stores don't sell them, though depending on where you live, you could probably find someone who has one and would let you take a look. I live in Portland, but there are plenty in WA, and Bill's place is, or at least was (if he hasn't moved everything to Bend yet) in Woodinville, WA., close to Seattle. I bought mine sight unseen, I have to admit. You could go with the smaller pontoons, which takes about $200 off the price (I think, but check). Once you put them together once, you can pump up the the tubes, and assemble the whole thing in about 15 minutes (faster if steelhead are rolling). The Outcast 8s and 9s are probably lighter and easier to portage; it just depends on what you want. Good luck.
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