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Talking Yup to all your questions

With your better boats, you can anchor and fish from the boat. You'll get buy quite well with the higher end boats (you'll be paying around $1200-2000 depending on models/brand).

There are plenty of boats on the market. Steelheaders, badcats, xstremes. Take a look and choose from there.

Myself, I go with the Steelheader models all the way. Why? Because they've been around longer, have an awesome warranty, are pretty much copied by the rest, and boats are much better built. At first, appearances are the same with these boats, but if you get down to the construction aspect, the Steelheader is built with better materials. Plus, most of the others are made overseas in china (tubes and frames). The steelheaders are built here in WA. I've checked out the rest, and still stick with the Steelheaders, though they are a bit more expensive (mostly because of the way they're built, much stronger).

Plus, the Steelheader has a take down frame that fits into a nice bag. Not super small, but size of a suitcase or so. Plus, had a tremendous carrying capacity capared to the rest. The 10' Guide model steelheader is the best all around boat to get. Lots of weight carrying capacity and extremely stable to stand up and fish out.
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