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holding water

One of the luxuries (sorry easterners) this time of year affords is, in late out early days at office. A little river time to make sure the mind completes the remaining few days of the year in a peaceful state. I've spent a few hours on the local rivers these outing have held mixed results. A few solid fish have been hooked and landed, a few summer fish have been landed. It came to me today shortly after releasing another summer fish. One of my favorite walk in runs on a local river, I catch nothing but summer/fall fish in the winter. The question, have any of you noticed a difference in winter holding water for summer Vs winter fish? I've hooked and landed over a dozen steelhead from this run and they have all been darker fish. I'm a firm believe that all steelhead are not created equal, if this run holds the dogs of the steelhead world I'll need to move else where.

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